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Marco Odorino has been working as a photographer since 1997 while traveling and living internationally.
His philosophy to photography is simple: be present and capture the natural essence of every day life. Often it is the subtle, overlooked moments that define such a beautiful day. I photograph everything from the traditional formal group portraits, to that special undefined quality unique to each wedding. The wedding day is something special and so are the photographs.

Based in Puglia and United States, Marco Odorino specializes in capturing the charm and elegance of your wedding.

Marco’s style is unobtrusive and non-invasive: “fly-on-the-wall”.

Marco has covered weddings in California, Israel, Swizzerland, Germany and of course Italy. His style is relaxed and fun and his personality is reflected in his simple yet and unique wedding photos. He feels extremely blessed to have a career he is so passionate about.
Recognized by the Wedding Photojournalists Association as Top International Wedding Photographer and among the 50 best wedding photojournalists in the world. In addition to his talent and experience, he offers you a tireless passion and the quest to capture unforgettable photos on your wedding day. his work philosophy is based on a photographic history.

Married to Domenica, photographer and inseparable partner since June 2012, they combine dynamism with creativity and precision with an incredible enthusiasm towards a common passion in telling life.
Their style is relaxed and fun, their personality is reflected in the photos of simple but at the same time unique marriages. lucky to have embarked on a career that is both a passion so strong.

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For you see, each day I love you more.
            Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

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