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We know how difficult it is to organize your wedding. To help you, here are some resources and guides to help you through the process. As wedding professionals with years of experience, we've seen it all! We are here to help you throughout the process. If you are looking for the best suppliers or need help with your timing, we hope we can help you in any way we can.

The photojournalist for your wedding without poses or forcing


For many reasons it is possible to prefer wedding photo reportage style photography

These moments return a real, natural and spontaneous story of your most beautiful day


Not everyone is able to create such a story, you need a good photographer who knows how to observe and interact with the ever new dynamics that can arise,

Experience in this sense means having a wealth of different moments and situations experienced in the past that lead to always knowing how to adapt to what happens.

During the event there are moments of joy and emotion, irony, tension and relaxation,

these will remain etched in the memory of the spouses thanks to our images, a good wedding photojournalist must be able to capture these moments to relive the emotions experienced that day years later.

to help you understand and compare many styles and points of view, we invite you to visit the site par excellence of wedding photojournalists


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We would like to show you in person our photographic services our many ozpini on albums, canvases, wedding film services and evaluate considering your needs and expectations what can do for you


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These days, it seems like a lot of wedding photographers are wedding photojournalists.

Indeed, photojournalism, in relation to wedding photography, has become more of a buzzword in recent years than a real description of a photographer's style.

But where does the term photojournalist come from in the first place?

Photojournalism is a term that is actually used to describe a style of journalism accomplished through photography that is used to tell stories in news, magazines and other publications. As a reporter, photojournalists were expected to observe and record events as they unfolded, without any interference or adulteration. In the late 1980s, early 1990s, a group of photojournalists moved into the wedding photography industry and created a unique new style of photography called wedding photojournalism.


When introduced to the wedding photography industry, this new style of wedding photography was a breath of fresh air. Before that time, wedding photography seemed to be firmly rooted in a standardized series of cliché-looking perfect shots and effects. Each wedding portrait had the same glamorous look with a light wash over the image. Wedding photography consisted of capturing and even fabricating the exact same image with each client.


Wedding photojournalism has taken the standard approach to weddings and turned it around. Instead of helping the wedding photographer lead and direct the wedding day, he has now pulled back and let things happen naturally. Instead of creating perfect scenes for every moment, the wedding photographer strove to capture truth and realism in the real moment. The result was a photograph that was no longer standardized as a canned product sold off your grocery store shelf. Rather, each client got custom images that may not have been flawless, but were perfect for capturing the real emotion and atmosphere of the scene.

Wedding Photojournalism Today Fast forward 20 years and it seems like every single wedding photographer today seems to be a wedding photojournalist. Because? Well, because photographers are afraid of losing clients if they don't use the term marketing somewhere in their material. However, despite the use of the photojournalist, there are many photographers out there who have no experience in wedding photojournalism or photojournalism in general. In fact, often their portfolios don't even show photojournalism style shots.






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