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Wedding photo reportage

The photojournalist for your wedding without poses or forcing

For many reasons it is possible to prefer wedding photo reportage style photography

These moments return a real, natural and spontaneous story of your most beautiful day

Not everyone is able to create such a story, you need a good photographer who knows how to observe and interact with the ever new dynamics that can arise,

Experience in this sense means having a wealth of different moments and situations experienced in the past that lead to always knowing how to adapt to what happens.

During the event there are moments of joy and emotion, irony, tension and relaxation,

these will remain etched in the memory of the spouses thanks to our images, a good wedding photojournalist must be able to capture these moments to relive the emotions experienced that day years later.


Marco Odorino photographic studio via Marsala 104, Monopoli - Bari 70043

tel. 080 9376936 mobile 339 2087337

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