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To relive time after time, through the shots made that day, all the emotions and moments lived with their loved ones and their friends, is the most beautiful flipping through the photo album of the wedding.


Authentic moments of life contained in beautiful photos and videos, carefully selected and developed, thanks to the high competence and sensitivity of Marco Odorino, who with professionalism and wisdom creates for each couple a photo book for a unique and classy wedding.


To relive in this way every smile, every hug, every kiss flipping through the pages of your wedding album, which contains every moment of the most beautiful day thanks to the shots of Marco Odorino.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Your wedding album is sourced from the best materials & the created using the highest level of craftsmanship available.

 Flush mount albums
 Matted albums
 Choice of cover  Choice of cover style,  Variety of sizes
 Thick durable pages
Copy albums for parents

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A new and modern approach to photography for the most beautiful day of your life is what you can find in the shots of Marco Odorino, innovative photographer for the wedding you dreamed of.

Stopping with images authentic moments of life, shared in the day of their wedding with an innovative approach made not of fake photos, of static poses and devoid of any feeling, but of shots that contain real moments of life is what Marco Odorino capture in his photos, emotions that remain etched forever in the photos of that day, to see and review at any time.


Flipping through the pages of your photo album will be like reliving every moment: from the agitation during the preparations to the emotion of seeing your loved one as you approach the altar, from happiness after the end of the ceremony to the joy of sharing that day with the people who love each other.


Every laugh, every kiss, every tear, every look and every embrace full of emotion, captured by the expert camera of Marco Odorino, innovative photographer for the wedding of their dreams.

Your personalized photo album will be printed on high quality professional photo paper with vivid and realistic color photos.

Excellent finish

The special formulation paper, designed for maximum compatibility with Kodak printing technology, allows you to get HD quality prints and an excellent finish. You can choose from Lux, Silk or Gloss paper for a smoother and more glossy finish.

Each of our wedding photo albums is an elegant object created to last over time and to preserve the refinement of that moment


This is why the photographic studio of Marco Odorino pays the utmost attention to creating albums where the images of the couple, the guests and the story of the whole event can be enhanced and have the space it deserves

theca quadro.jpg

Steel inserts with elegant engravings of characters that decorate and make the design of the album unique and personal.


The design of some covers was conceived to give maximum emphasis to an iconic photograph of the event.


The binding


The element that defines the quality of the album and its duration over time.


Hot binding with hard thick pages


The pages are heated in a special oven and glued together through a special cardboard core. The thickness guarantees a better resistance over time. The continuity of the pages spread out (layflat) gives a magnificent view of the entire open sheet.