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We know how difficult it is to organize your wedding. To help you, here are some resources and guides to help you through the process. As wedding professionals with years of experience, we've seen it all! We are here to help you throughout the process. If you are looking for the best suppliers or need help with your timing, we hope we can help you in any way we can.

1. General -

What You Need to Know Wedding photography is not an easy subject, and interviewing potential wedding photographers can be a daunting task. Regardless of whether you are hiring marco odorino photography's wedding photography team or another studio,


we've put together a list of 15 questions to help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day. Although this list consists of the exact reference of the questions to ask, it is still necessary to pay attention to the soft skills mentioned Weddings FAQ


2. What is your main style?

This should be your first and foremost question as this is the style of photography that interests you. marco odorino wedding photography is mainly a photojournalist with hints of fashion and wedding photography techniques influenced by fine arts. For more information on the style and philosophy of wedding photography, take a look at our About Us page. If you're looking for photojournalism, be sure to read our section titled " What Are Wedding Photojournalists " to make sure you actually find a photographer who specializes in this industry.


3. How many weddings have you shot and have you photographed others similar to mine?

This is a great question to get an idea of ​​how much experience your photographer has in general.

Years are not a good indicator of experience as some wedding photographers may work part time and only shoot five weddings a year on weekends.

So, maybe they have five years of experience, but they've only shot 25 weddings.


4. How many times have you worked specifically as a wedding photographer?

This question is intended to find out if photographers specialize in wedding photography or are "one-stop-shop photographers". More specifically, it would be best to look for a photographer who specializes not only in wedding photography, but also in the style of wedding photography.


5. How many other events will you photograph that weekend?

Larger studios with multiple master photographers often double and even triple their engagement dates as they have the resources.

However, smaller studios can plan multiple weddings in a weekend without having the resources. Imagine a studio with a single wedding photographer shooting 2-3 weddings in a weekend, attention to detail and customer service could suffer under these circumstances.

The focus must never be lacking, as well as attention and precision, ideally a photo shoot is right and adequate for the situation that nowadays almost all photographic studios can have in their staff.

let's not forget that this is a team effort, yes, but at the same time the person in charge and the main author remains the photographer, it is he who puts his face on it. it is he who will fully answer the photo shoot upon delivery.


6. Will a service contract be provided?

If so, can I get a copy? There are many studios that do not create contracts for their wedding photography clients. You should request a contract from your photographer that specifies the services they will provide, prices, termination terms of resolution, etc. A contract is created for your protection and for the protection of the wedding photographer. It's best to hire a photographer to contract with you and be wary of photographers who "don't usually create contracts for clients".


7. What happens if the photographer is sick?

While the photographer is unlikely to get sick on your wedding day, there is still a chance. It is essential that the photographic studio does not create any problems and does something to take care of the situation in case of illness, making sure that it can be replaced with a photographer of equal experience and ability in case someone falls ill.


8. Do you have insurance?

Professional wedding photographers should have the right insurance for their business. Insurance protects the photographer from theft of equipment, but above all provides protection from liability in the event that great-aunt Maria trips over the photographer's bag and breaks her leg. If a wedding photographer doesn't have insurance, chances are they're new to the industry or aren't taking their business seriously.

Marco Odorino Wedding Photography offers general business, equipment and liability insurance.


9. Does the package I am interested in include an assistant?

If your wedding has 50 or more guests, you should make sure you have a package that has a photographer assistant. Aside from the wedding location, there are many times when a single photographer cannot completely cover himself. There is no way to catch the first kiss and, at the same time, turn around and have the tear in the mother's eyes.


10. Does your studio allow me to choose a certain style of post-production?

Another factor in the appearance of your photos is the post-production style used by the studio. Namely, they post-produce your images. Be very careful, as many studios do not post-produce your images, rather they give them unfinished and straight from the camera. In this situation, you do not receive a finished and professional product.


11. Will you correct the color of my images?

Since color correction is basic post-production, it should be used on every single image. Many photographers will not color correct or only select images from your wedding. This means that you may have a lot of images where your skin tones are orange, yellow, red, or even blue.


Marco Odorino Wedding Photography photo studio corrects every single image of your wedding to make sure that every image is a professional quality product.


12. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

Our studio uses high quality camera bodies (Canon eos 1DX II Eos R 5D Mark III) along with Canon's best L lenses. Click here to see what's in our photography toolbox. While wedding photographers don't necessarily need the best of the best, it's important to have a good set of equipment. Make sure your photographer has at least the following items along with the backups. Nothing would be worse than for the photographer to lose half of your weddings because his camera or lens broke and he didn't have a spare.


13. If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there a supplement?

Knowing the photographer's surplus policy in advance is crucial. You don't want to be surprised when your wedding photographer asks for another 500/700 euros before releasing your photos. Even worse, you don't want your wedding photographer to pack up and leave when time is up.


14. What clothing will the photographer and their assistants wear?

While wedding photographers are an important part of the wedding day, it's important that they aren't distractions. As such, it is important for the photographer to blend in as much as possible. Also, for religious or cultural ceremonies, there may be some colors that are considered taboo. Make sure your photographers are dressed appropriately for the occasion. The typical wedding photography attire of marco odorino photography consists of black trousers with a black polo or shirt. We dress completely in black because we want to go unnoticed by customers and guests so that we can capture the event as a photojournalist.


15. How long after the wedding will the layout of the album, the prints and the editing of the wedding film be ready?

Each wedding photography studio varies in the time it takes to produce and deliver your photos. Studios that don't do any post production or color correction may try to entice you by saying your photos will be ready within the week, or even the next day. However, most studios that develop and produce their images will take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months.



Creative. Clean. Different. We are a group of creatives with a passion for storytelling. Founded in 1998,

We would love to show you our studio located in Monopoli, and guide you through our albums, canvases and other printed photographic products. We can also provide more information on our expertise in making the wedding film for your wedding




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