NAME:   Marco

AGE:       Young enough to still have fun and old enough to know better


LOCATION    Monopoli - Italy


OCCUPATION:    Wedding Photographer  since 1998 


MARITAL STATUS:     Married to Domenica,  on june 2012


MAC OR PC:     Mac


FAVORITE WEEKEND GETAWAY:    Mountain and remote south Italy countryside  

FAVORITE SPORTS:   Cycling and Tennis 


FAVORITE SEASON:   Spring and Autumn, with they re  unique colors and flavors,

and above all a wonderful moment for epic mountain and road bike rides  ;-)


FAVORITE WEDDING MOMENT:     Anything backlit! 


FAVORITE MEAL:      Pasta al forno and Pizza


PREFERRED DESSERT:     Nutella, it's not a dessert but it can go well with

anything at any time of the day ..... love it

NAME:    Domenica

AGE:   Classe 1987

OCCUPATION:     Fotografa di matrimoni dal  2004 


STATUS:     Sposata 

MAC O PC       PC


FAVORITE SPORTS:    Hiking and Cycling


FAVORITE WEDDING MOMENT    Cerimony, with all  great tension and emotion

FAVORITE MEAL:   practically everything, in our travels I love to discover the local cuisine and taste new things, just the opposite of my husband ;-)

PREFERRED DESSERT:    torta millefoglie.... very tasty !


Ever since I was a child, traveling and exploring has been my passion.  I am so so lucky to have a job that allows me to see the world.  Some of my favorite places that I've been to photograph weddings are Israel, Switzerland, France, Costa Smeralda, Germany, and above all, my super fun, and constructive experience  in live and working for tree years in San Francisco ca.   

 There's literally no destination too far or too obscure for me to want to go there!  

The photographic studio of marco odorino is able to suggest to spouses the right location for the photos, according to the style desired, and make the big day unforgettable. Taste and elegance are the basic philosophy: the photographic services are made with sobriety, combining reportage and installation, for exciting and suggestive shots. The ability lies in making the spouses feel at ease, without ever giving them their attention and the experience and sensitivity of these professionals guarantee the best result in every situation. The dedication and passion for this work make it one of the most requested photographic studios.

The REAL story of your wedding. No awkward posing. No fake smiles.I want to tell the honest story of what happens on your wedding day. From the preparations in the morning until the dance floor is jumping. For me documentary wedding photography is about the genuine moments, reactions, emotions and atmosphere. Your wedding is unique, and I want to capture it all, without interrupting your celebrations to make you pose for me.You’ll find lots more info, and plenty of examples of my work, here on my site. If you have any questions, or want to check my availability for your wedding date, then please How I work: I work in a very natural and spontaneous way telling your wedding in a simple way, my working philosophy is based on a story photography. I believe that story photography should not be manipulated or altered but must be limited to the reality of the facts.I focus a lot on the story, on the quality of the images and not on the quantity.To those who ask me how many photos I make at a wedding I answer that it is "quality that makes the difference".Remember that photography will gain value over time and not immediately, so invest your money for a wedding photographer who can best express your emotions. What's in my bag: I shoot marriages mainly in natural light so without using flash or other types of lighting, I have with me only a pocket spotlight in case of extreme necessity.

I’m not into artificial lighting, staging or posing. I like reality. Spontaneous moments, frozen in an image, to be enjoyed forever. I’m not interested in wacky techniques and I also don’t need to spend quality time with your shoes. I produce natural and honest storytelling wedding images with true-to-life colour and neutral black and whites that will look as great in 50 years time as they do now.I shot my first wedding this way back in 1997, and this has been my approach ever since.If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen and read, then it would be a privilege to photograph your wedding. 

To those who ask me how many photos I make at a wedding I answer that it is "quality that makes the difference".

We'd love to hear from you


We'd love to hear from you